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AbilityLinks is hosting a Virtual Job Fair Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Job seekers will be able to apply for jobs posted especially for the job fair and network with recruiters in the job fair chat room.

All job seekers with disabilities and employers that embrace diversity are invited! Registration is free. Register/Sign up now or learn more.

• Offered job during an instant messenger interview, often Yahoo Messenger. Jobs ARE NOT offered during online interviews!
• Scammers use personal email accounts like @yahoo.com, @gmail.com. Real employer email  addresses END with the company name like @starbucks.com, @abilitylinks.org, @walmart.com.
• Offered a check or direct deposit and asked for bank account information. NEVER give bank account numbers, routing information or money to anyone you don't know.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isRead more about job scams. 

Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship/Immigration, Varied - Immigration ServicesOfficer 1, Immigration Services Assistant, Operations Support, Laguna Niguel, CA

Hub Group, Inc., Accounts Payable Specialist, Oak Brook, IL

Patten Industries, PC Coordinator, Elmhurst, IL
KPMG, Associate, Business License, Lisle, IL
KPMG, Associate/Senior Associate, Internal Audit, Chicago, IL
Pronunciation Workshop LLC, Executive Assistant/CustomerService Position, Work From Home, Highland Park, IL
Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo, HRIS Analyst, Temporary, Seasonal Workers for 2015. Brookfield, IL
nAblement, Looking for Talent and Passion in IT, Chicago, IL
Chicago Lighthouse Illinois Tollway Call Center agents, Chicago, IL
Project STARFISH, free business skills training, any location


By Janice Duvall 

Impressions matter, especially in a job interview. There is nothing worse than looking  at the mirror  for that last minute checkup and finding fly away hair or lipstick on the teeth and asking yourself;  Did I dress  appropriately? 

A well prepared individual exudes confidence. Your appearance can make or break your success in the interview process.

I have compiled a list of dress tips, dos and don’ts from top career professional that may help you prepare for your next interview. Read more.

Maryam Adeokun

After some job counseling and a referral from AbilityLinks, Maryam Adeokun started business skills training with AbilityLinks partner Project STARFISH, an experiential learning program that creates employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

After a few months of Project STARFISH training, Ms. Adeokun graduated to paid work for Project-Ray, an Israeli start-up company that designed a smart phone for blind persons. It enables users to easily navigate their phone and other touch screens without looking.

Israel has a thriving start-up scene and a large number of military veterans; some are blind or have other disabilities. Read more

AbilityLinks job seeker Karolina Pieniawas recently shared some good news. She was hired on a permanent basis by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to work as a mail room clerk. The SSA Human Resource team in the Chicago office regularly reviews the Abilitylinks resume database for potential candidates, especially for temp to hire positions. AbilityLinks Counselors alert social security recruiters to qualified AbilityLinks candidates on an ongoing basis.

If you’re looking for work and have a disability you can post your resume on AbilityLinks. If you would like a free job search consultation, contact Ms. Duvall at juduvall@AbilityLinks.org or 630/909-7443 or Mr. Bill O'Connor at boconnor@AbilityLinks.org or 630/909-7444. Read more.

ken skord

By Ken Skord

Stephen Hawking, a brilliant physicist, researcher, iconic figure and person with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), has lived a remarkably rich, satisfying and productive life—against great odds. Recently, his story was made into a film, The Theory of Everything.

Mr. Hawking is English but you wouldn’t know it listening to his synthesized voice. He explains that voice synthesis was a new technology when he started using it. Now, he could choose a voice with an English accent but doesn’t want to.

He was diagnosed with ALS in his early 20s when attending Cambridge University for graduate studies. Read more.

By Mark Williams

Interviewers of job applicants are less influenced by academic credentials and work skills than by subjective impressions of candidates’ interview performance. Negative bias towards jobseekers with disabilities may be more a sign of discomfort and anxiety than fear or ignorance. If you are a person with a disability, you can confront attitudes and create more favorable impressions of your hireability.

What Is Impression Management (IM)?
The basic premise of IM is that individuals can control the impression that others form of them by presenting descriptions of attributes and reasons for particular behaviors in order to shape others’ opinions. IM can be used to offset negative perception about your potential as a productive worker. Read more.

Recognizing and Managing Interview Bias
While bias is intrinsic to human nature, organizations and interviewers should seek to understand bias, how it relates to disability, and how it can be addressed.

Not only to reduce the risk of litigation or noncompliance with regulations, a level playing field for jobseekers with disabilities contributes to the diversity that companies today recognize as a strategic imperative.

Project Implicit, based at Harvard University, offers a free, online assessment for individuals, called The Implicit Association Test, which reports on bias in a variety of areas including disability. Read More.

Founded by Marianjoy Rehabilityation Hospital, AbilityLinks is a nationwide, web-based community where qualified job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

Job seekers who want to connect to employers by voluntarily self-identifying having a disability use AbilityLinks to post resumes and apply for jobs. No information about disability type is asked.

Federal contractors and equal opportunity employers seeking to identify qualified candidates with disabilities use AbilityLinks to post jobs and search resumes. 

AbilityLinks Information and Referral Counselors, that happen to have a disability, provide a caring human touch. Read more or contact us today!


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