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Here are some signs of a common job scam: being asked to create an instant messenger account for online "interview" (Yahoo IM is very popular among scammers and a good way to hide their identity), may use a real company name but a personal email account such as Yahoo or Google (email address does not match company name and does not include verifiable address, phone number and website that corresponds to a legitimate company), get an email/text that references your AbilityLinks resume but no or general knowledge of resume details, easy to get the job and being pressured to take it, offered a phony check to pay for software or training or equipment and then asked for a copy of bank deposit slip (this is a way to get access to your bank account.) Read more.

PNC Bank, summer customer service associate, Pittsburgh, PA, customer service associate, Rockford, ILLancaster, PA,  Milwaukee, WIElk Grove Village, IL 

American Support, work from home outbound sales, nationwide
Employment Options, work from home  SSI/SSDI recipients, nationwide

Brookfield Zoo, motor safari adventure guide, temporary seasonal workers, Brookfield, IL

Project STARFISH, seeking blind and other disabled entrepreneurs, business analyst trainee, work from home 

Chicago Lighthouse Illinois Tollway call center agents, Chicago, IL

Aspire (OfficeMax retail/warehouse) training candidate, Hillside, IL 

U.S. Special Needs Consortium, actor, Chicago, IL area

CVS Caremark  handler/material dispensing, Mt. Prospect, IL 

The goal of job scams is to get money from you but that won't be apparent at first. Read these common signs of a JOB SCAM:

  1. Asked to create a (Yahoo) messenger account. This is done to hide the identity of the scammer.
  2. Offered a phony check to pay for job expenses/equipment
  3. Asked for proof of deposit, a deposit slip and bank account information
  4. Asked to pay for software, training or fees to get/start the “job”
  5. Uses a real company name but a personal email account such as Yahoo or Google. The email address does not match company name
  6. Get an email/text that references AbilityLinks Resume but no knowledge of resume details... Click link to read more.

About AbilityLinks

AbilityLinks is a nationwide, web-based community where qualified job seekers with disabilities and inclusive employers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities.

Federal contractors with affirmative action plans and other equal opportunity employers use AbilityLinks to find qualified candidates with disabilities.

Job seekers with disabilities use AbilityLinks to voluntarily disclose having a disability: No information about disability type is asked.

AbilityLinks Information and Referral Counselors who have a disability provide the human touch. Contact one of them today for a free job search consultation!  

By bringing job seekers and employers together, AbilityLinks puts disability diversity to work! 


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