AbilityLinks Featured Job Seeker - Alyx Koch

by Bill O'Connor 7. February 2017 06:09

Many of AbilityLinks' candidates have a background in English and creative writing. To utilize the skills and passion they have with a pen or a keyboard, Alyx Koch has a strong background in social media, editing and marketing writing, as well as intangibles that make her a featured candidate for us.

Where and when did you start to develop an interest in writing and communications? 

I've been a storyteller by nature since I was five, but didn't start to take writing itself very seriously until I was thirteen (I read a poem in front of my entire seventh grade class, and people kept telling me that I needed to have it published). I became interested in the communications aspect when I was a senior in college, during my second to last semester. I had originally thought I would work at a traditional publishing company, but at the urging of friends and colleagues, decided to see what social media and marketing was about. I've been fascinated by it ever since.  

How were you able to keep up with making your social media skills relevant?

A lot of it is paying attention; I keep up with the industry via email newsletters and Twitter accounts, and would adjust based on the trends I'd see emerging and fading. 

Tell us about your skills in content marketing.

I'm mostly on the creative side of things, specifically with editorial content calendars (social media posts), blog posts, press releases, website copy, etc. I love coming with ideas that address a top from a unique angle; not only does it pique the audience's interest, but hopefully it gives them something to think about. I also enjoy partaking in conversation (engagement) on social media platforms. 

Where do you hope to be five years from now in your career?

If I'm not writing full-time by then, I'd like to be in a mid-level to senior level position, specifically when I can lead and mentor others. I know how difficult it is to get into marketing in itself, and I want to be able to offer guidance the way it was shown to me. .

How has AbilityLlinks helped your job search?

Admittedly this is the first time I've used AbilityLinks (when I first met Bill O'Connor I was in a difficult place in life and felt the need to be utterly stubborn at the time, but that's a whole other story). What I hope to get out of it is to find a job where I can genuinely use my skills and talents, but to also go through the hiring process in a way that's more humanizing then what I have experienced thus far. 

How easy or difficult is it to bring together diverse city and inclusion in to bridge connections between employee and employer?

With this question, are you asking about the level of ease/difficulty in terms of bringing employers and employees together for the sake of diversity and inclusion? If so, I think it ultimately depends on the situation and how both parties communicate with one another. If there's an open line of communication, and the employee feels that he/she can be open about the challenges/limitations they face (along with how those things affect them in the workplace), then of course there's opportunity for inclusion. 

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