Hard Work Pays Off

by Morgan Amos 19. January 2017 04:28

Hello everyone,

Morgan Amos 

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and may your New Year’s be wonderful and blessed. This year has been filled with several opportunities, and with each one I’ve learned a lesson. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that hard work pays off. Back in September, I wrote a post posing the question: Are you the Reason Your Career is Stationary? Within the article I discussed several reasons why you might be the reason your career is stagnant. I also assured individuals of ways you can better your predicament.

  With each blog post I write, and with every piece of information I provide, I believe in applying what I’ve learned not only to my life but also to help someone in their job search. I understand that it can be frustrating and there are times where you will want to give up, but I urge you please don’t. Hard work pays off! I’ve been hitting the pavement applying for position after position with no luck, but I never lost faith and I knew that if I kept applying myself that something would happen.

 Recently, I had an interview scheduled with an insurance company. Everything went fine and I was told that by Friday or Monday I should hear back regarding a second interview. I received a call on Thursday stating that they wanted to offer me a field position. While it was nice to hear that they offered me a position, I was also disappointed. When working with an insurance company there is a likelihood that you could be working in the field, but there is also the possibility that you could be working in an office setting, but because of my disability, I am unable to work in the field. I was disappointment to know that the hiring manager could offer me that position knowing that when I came into the interview I was a wheelchair user.  

Nonetheless, I am thankful for the opportunity and the lesson I take away from this is I can go into an interview, give it my best, and know that I can accomplish what I set my mind to. The other lesson I take away from this experience goes back to the previous post I wrote, which is, even if you feel that you are underqualified or over qualified for a specific position, still apply. Yes, I got the second interview, but I declined moving forward because of the position they offered me. Regardless, I was willing to see this through.

For those of us out here seeking employment all hope is not lost. When in search of employment it’s important to keep a checklist handy so that going forward you will be prepared. Here are three pieces of information that are vital to your job success.

Research the Company

I know you’ve heard this before, but this is important. As you prepare yourself for the interview, make sure you’ve taken some time to find out about the company you possibly could be working for. This allows you the opportunity to see what they are about and will give you the chance to formulate some questions you may want to ask them during the end of your interview.

Dress for Success

Dressing for the position you want is just as important as having your resume and references together before the interview. How and what you choose to wear says a lot about who you are, and in some cases, can hinder your opportunity for landing your dream job. If possible, you want to have a nice pair of pants preferably in a neutral color, a nice shirt that doesn’t draw any unwanted attention, and some dress shoes.  Be confident in who you are, understanding of the position you want, and make sure that the outfit you choose highlights this.

How to end the Interview?

Sometimes, you may wonder what questions you should ask during the end of the interview or if you should ask any questions at all. Preparing at least two to three questions is a good way for you to show the hiring manager that you’ve done your research and know something about the company. Once the interview is complete it’s always good to follow up with a thank you email or letter depending on if the company says it’s ok to email them. This lets the hiring manager know that you appreciate the interview and look forward to the possible opportunity of speaking with them again.

Searching for employment is a job within itself, but hard work does pay off. Hopefully, my story can encourage individuals with and without disabilities to continue with whatever their goals are, and know that opportunities are out there waiting for us!



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