Featured Job Seeker - Andrew Golub

by Bill O'Connor 27. March 2017 09:00
Our featured job seeker is Andrew Golub, a sales and business development professional at FedEx’s Office division. [More]

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How Gaps in Your Work History Can Determine Your Resume Format

by Morgan Amos 11. March 2017 05:03
There are three resume formats that you can utilize. Chronological, functional, and combination. ... If you are like me and have a gap in your work history where you worked for example in 2013 and didn’t find employment again until 2017, it’s best to use a functional resume opposed to the others. [More]


AbilityLinks Featured Job Seeker - Alyx Koch

by Bill O'Connor 7. February 2017 06:09
Many of AbilityLinks' candidates have a background in English and creative writing. To utilize the skills and passion passion they have with a pen or a keyboard, Alyx Koch has a strong background in social media, editing and marketing writing, as well as intangibles that make her a featured candidate for us. [More]

Hard Work Pays Off

by Morgan Amos 19. January 2017 04:28
Hard work pays off! I’ve been hitting the pavement applying for position after position with no luck, but I never lost faith and I knew that if I kept applying myself that something would happen. [More]


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Featured Job Seeker - Orlando Herrera

by Bill O'Connor 12. December 2016 07:42
The future of IT will be amazing and useful for everybody.. The future will be a lot different in a positive way, because technology is advancing day by day. [More]


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The Pomodoro Technique: What It Is, and How It Can Help Your Productivity

by Lauren Bryant and Bill O'Connor 7. November 2016 05:09
I know of many disabilities where a lack of focus is one of the symptoms, and though it is not a symptom of my particular disability, it is something I struggle with. There is a technique out there, however, that I’ve found helpful when I’ve used it. That technique is called the Pomodoro Technique. [More]


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Are You the Reason Your Career Is Stationary?

by Morgan Amos 15. September 2016 09:14
One important factor that I want you to take away from this post is to never stop going after your career goals even if you may feel underqualified, not willing to ask for help, or have too much confidence. There’s ways to improve in all of these areas [More]


What You Can Do When Disability Parking Placards Are Abused

by Bill O'Connor 25. August 2016 06:20
One of the most important factors in quality of life for people with disabilities is the use of parking placards to assist with accessibility. Whether it is doing life's tasks or enjoying recreational activities, the abuse of parking placards becomes a lesser quality of life for disabled people [More]


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How Blogging Built My Confidence - By Lauren Bryant

by Bill O'Connor 10. August 2016 06:50
I started working with AbilityLinks in 2013. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I started; I didn’t know what they would possibly have me do! When I met my supervisor, he told me I’d be doing research on disability and disability employment topics, and then blogging about them. This was something entirely new to me; blogging based on research. As it turned out, I was good at it, and people seemed to really enjoy my writing! [More]

Pros and Cons of Young Employees Disclosing a Disability to Employers

by Bill O'Connor 26. July 2016 09:21
When someone discloses a disability in school, their performance can be judged fairly and others can provide more support if needed. Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) might have goals to teach self-advocacy, a factor that can lead to success. However, jobs don’t have IEPs, and few managers know how to deal with learning issues. [More]


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Lauren You're an Illini! Why I tried So Hard to Get into Just One College

by Lauren Bryant 7. July 2016 05:39
Being severely, chronically and physically disabled makes it hard to find a college I could attend where I would be able to live on campus versus commuting. Many colleges offered the bare minimum of accommodations, most of them being purely academic; none of these would enable someone with as severe a disability as myself to live independently on campus. [More]


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Job Leads and no Results? Here’s What I’ve Learned

by Morgan Amos 23. June 2016 12:30
Searching for job leads can definitely leave a person frustrated when they do not receive what they hoped for, but I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t let that deter you from continuing on. You’re going to come across roadblocks every now and again, and if anything, use that as a means of motivation to work towards landing the job you are interested in. [More]


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ITKAN teams up with Microsoft and Directions to deliver SQL Server/Business Intelligence training!

by Pat Maher and Adam Hecktman 3. June 2016 08:48
ITKAN was launched in 2008 by SPR Consulting, a professional IT services company, to support the growth of candidates and professionals with disabilities into the tech field. They conduct monthly meetings at the Microsoft Technology Center Chicago with an emphasis on fostering deeper knowledge and greater passion for the opportunities in information technology. Microsoft hosts the group and provides experts for many of the monthly meetings. [More]


How Effective Are Resumes within the Job Market?

by Morgan Amos 27. May 2016 10:48
It takes a hiring manager six seconds to review an applicant’s resume according to an article written in Time titled What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016. Just six seconds and a hiring manager (or an automated tracking system) can make the decision whether to hire you or not. This makes me wonder how effective and important are resumes? Do we even need them? [More]


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Successful Tips to Ace a Virtual Job Fair

by Bernice Allegretti 27. April 2016 08:14
Do your Homework. Review the list of employers attending in advance. Target and research those employers of interest to you along with any jobs they may have that meet your qualifications. Tailor your resume to each company position, ensuring each is error free. Then have them saved on your desktop so they can quickly be accessed when discussing your background with the recruiter. [More]


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My Experience with Job Scams and Some of the Warning Signs

by Morgan Amos 19. April 2016 10:26
If you’ve had the opportunity to read my other blog posts, then you know that I appreciate sites such as AbilityLinks and Indeed when seeking employment. AbilityLinks makes it a point to educate job seekers about the potential pitfalls and scammers that are out there. I appreciate this because it helps not only myself, but other people with disabilities gain insight into what and what not to look for. [More]


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Debra Sunderland Helps Executives Run the Company They Always Wanted

by Ken Skord 5. April 2016 10:44
Since I almost died in a competitive cycling accident, I am living on purpose to make sure that leaders do not loose their life in business and relationships, This is my calling and dedication…I am excited because Vistage really works! [More]


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My Experience with Attending Booz Allen Hamilton Diversity Strategy and Recruitment Drive Webinar

by Morgan Amos 22. March 2016 11:15
... my confidence was reassured in knowing that there are businesses out there looking to hire candidates with disabilities where the focus isn’t just about the person having a disability, but about whether they can successfully complete the job requirements. [More]


New Career Angst? Three Tips to Help You Through

by Morgan Amos 4. March 2016 10:42
Starting over and searching for a new avenue to explore regarding employment doesn’t have to be a dreadful and fearful thing. Make it a priority to highlight your skills, keep an open-mind, and who knows, you might find a career avenue that you’ve never contemplated to be to your liking. [More]


Meet Kelly Pavich and Learn About Bridges, and the Power of a Job

by Bill O'Connor 25. February 2016 14:26
The Marriott Foundation is really a pillar within our community, and has made a difference in the lives of our local youth and businesses by bringing them together. Our hope is that we can continue to serve more youth, and truly transform the lives of people through the power of a job. [More]


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