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AbilityLinks was fundamental to me getting a job at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), first as a Help Desk Specialist and then, promoted to IT Service Coordinator as a member of the IT Service Delivery Team.
Because of my years-long familiarity with both Pat Maher and Bill O'Connor (formerly and currently on-staff at AbilityLinks, respectively), I was invited to join the Leadership Team of the Information Technology Knowledge and Abilities Network (ITKAN), and through the opportunity to participate in growing ITKAN and showcase my skills, I was able to distinguish myself with the ELCA.

I started my working relationship with AbilityLinks in 2004, and it makes me grateful, happy, and proud to know that, because of the good friends I made and the colleagues I found through AbilityLinks,

I'm expanding, reinforcing, and confirming my professional potential and success in 2016. Ken Skord, Janice Duvall, Bill O'Connor, Pat Maher, and everyone else associated with the AbilityLinks program--past, present, and future--are dedicated to finding, securing, creating, and promoting employment opportunities for job seekers with disabilities, as well as inclusive employers looking to diversify their workforce. I appreciate everything they've done for me, and hope they've enjoyed working with me as much as I've enjoyed working with them.

Chris Ludwig
IT Service Coordinator
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America


Thank you for the informative webinar on Disclosure. I have been working in the field of employment support for persons with disabilities for over two years. This webinar highlighted many of the same points that I have reviewed with my clients during our appointments. Clearly one of the most difficult areas to disclose is the hidden mental health disability. During the job application process, it may not show up, except in the form of a lengthy gap on a resume. Then, if it does come up on the interview, the applicant is often at loss how to explain that gap. Clearly in your session, it was suggested that the individual bring up the unspoken questions if possible. Mental Health issues, however, are perhaps the trickiest – and clearly there are no “one size fits all” answers! In any case your webinar was helpful...

Hilda Reed
Employment Coordinator
CCRW Partners Program
The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for the contact info. I do not know what I would do without the excellent information and help from abilitylinks.org
Thank you,
Rosemary Nowicki
AbilityLinks Job Seeker

I got the job at Equip for Equality and I wanted to personally thank you for reaching out to me from the beginning about this opportunity. I appreciate all you have done for me into getting the job and keeping a connection. Thanks again for reaching out to me. Have a blessed day.

Andrew Besbekos
Information Tedchnology
Equip for Equality

I thoroughly appreciated the webcast presented on 21 August by Mark Williams.  The webcast was very educational in terms of recognizing bias, dealing with discomfort, and identifying ways to interview candidates to achieve non-biased hiring.  The video clips infused poignant examples in support of the overall presentation.  This webcast avoided a focus on legalism and presented a more vivid depiction of existing interview issues (specifically disability in this webcast), how biases may occur, and how interviewers can interview candidates without bias and thereby hire productive employees.

John K. Westbrook, Ph.D.
Research Meteorologist

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the services AbilityLinks provided me. You gave me an opportunity to believe in myself as a person. You encouraged me to apply for a paid position at a community college tutoring intermediate Algebra and basic math. I would never have seen myself tutoring college students without your encouragement. I appreciate having the opportunity to do it. I thank Ability Links, especially as someone with a visual impairment.

Samuel Chou
City Colleges of Chicago Tutor
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

I just wanted to pass on good news, I was promoted to a new position.  I am now in the Investment Risk and Analysis Compliance department here at Northern Trust.  This is my third week working in this role and I am learning a lot! Thanks.  

Michael Cabin
Investment Compliance Consultant
Northern Trust
Former AbilityLinks job seeker

I wanted to share this success story with both of you!  Ruth M is a a Ticket to Work client and also now an employee of Employment Options.  She went to an AbilityLinks online job fair which started her connection with Ray Morrison, one of our counselors.  I thought you might enjoy her story and knowing that you contributed to her success!  Thank you again for your continued partnership and all that you do to help people with disabilities find work and become stronger! 
Lori J. Adler
Public Relations Specialist

 I just want you to know that Monday, I was hired by VTU Engineering for an online accounting job that could lead to a job at their future St Louis site.  And yes, your advice was gold.  I didn't sell myself short. Thank you.
Andre Orr
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

The AbilityLinks job opportunity website is a reliable and effective link between business and job seekers with disabilities and a program worthy of your support. Northern Trust's sponsorship of AbilityLinks has been an effective way to advertise our openings to the disability community and find the best qualified candidates. 

Timothy Moen, Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Vice President, Northern Trust
AbilityLinks Employer

Thanks for referring my resume to Northern Trust. I am really enjoying my work here. Everyone treats me with respect and accommodates my physical limitations. For many of us with a disability, we’ve learned to live life differently. We’re able and willing to adapt. We just want a chance to earn a living.

Michael Cabin, Securities Technician, Northern Trust
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

I have been working for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration New Entrant Contact Center through
Central Association for the Blind in Utica New York for a year now and I truly enjoy my job. Hopefully we will keep the contract and my employment will be secure. I have kept your e-mail in my address book and if down the road I need assistance, I will contact you again. Once again, thanks! Respectfully,

Maria Heinlein, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

"Thank you so much for the AbilityLinks webinar.  I learned so much information about finding companies that hire people with disabilities and about using your website, the job fair, and social media to find employment.  I've been ignoring social media but am now creating a professional presence. Bill O'Connor is extremely knowledgeable about using the Web to find employment.  He was very patient with the attendees and was able to directly assist each one.
I forwarded the AbilityLinks URL and information to my former VR counselor and will inform others who can use your services. Please keep me on your mailing list."

Karen Burgess
AbilityLinks Job Seeker

"I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is posting to your site. It is so easy to do as you save a lot of the routine information so that posting can be done much easier."

 Dan D. Oyler, SPHR HR Consultant, TM GE Automation Systems
AbilityLinks Employer

"I had to find a career where I could use the analytical skills I still had but would not require a strong voice. Thank you for helping me see that I should not be ashamed or apologize for the way my voice sounds. An individual’s disability does not define who they are. The way they choose to act and live does."

Catherine Filar, Accounting Clerk, ALG Transportation
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

"Thank you for sending me so many job leads and events and giving me the encouragement to not give up on my job search. I appreciated it and it paid off."

Sharon  Reese, Administrative Support, North Suburban Special Recreation Association
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

"This is an organization that really understands people with disabilities and their desire to work. AbilityLinks helped me see that you can have a disability and be productive. Since being diagnosed with MS, I completed an MBA. Now I’m starting my own business as a health and wellness instructor."

Sarah Sippy, Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker 

"My advice to employers is to be open-minded. Read up on successful stories of employed people with disabilities and give applicants that have similar skills and abilities a chance. I think ignorance has kept many of us unemployed. Do not hire because you have sympathy for us. Hire us because we fit the qualifications! I guarantee you, we will not let you down."

Cheryl Perez, Nurse Recruiter, Tuscon Medical Center
Former AbilityLinks Job Seeker

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